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cmsmcq.com is the personal Web site of C. M. Sperberg-McQueen. I use it to host various material that doesn't have a better place to live elsewhere.

Opinions expressed are mine (mostly) and should not be confused with the official views, if any, of my employers, clients, patrons, friends, colleagues, or assorted hangers-on.

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Who he?


It appears I have Erdős number 6 (via Verner E. Hoggatt Jr., Leonard Carlitz, Jack Levine, Robert R. Korfhage, and David Dubin). (For the benefit of non-mathematicians I should probably point out that an Erdős number of 6 signals quite clearly that the bearer is not a mathematician. Any 'real' mathematician alive today will, if I understand correctly, have an Erdős number of four or lower, if their number is finite at all. Advertising an Erdős number of six is the mark someone who is not really a mathematician but who apparently likes hanging around with them.)

Contact Info

Email: cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com, Post: 259 State Road 399, Española, New Mexico 87532-3170. Tel: +1 (505) 747-4224.

N.B. I filter my email using a white list, so if you have not written me before your email will go into a folder for unknown senders rather than into my in box. I check the holding tank periodically, but (a) it does slow down delivery of mail from unknown addresses at the best of times, and (b) since about 99.5% of the mail in the holding tank is junk, I scan the subject lines of mail caught in the filter rather fast, so it's possible that I may miss a legitimate message if its subject line looks like one spammers use. So if you write me out of the blue, using an informative subject line is a good idea.

No, wait: if you are writing me out of the blue, but you have taken the trouble to find and read this page, perhaps I should give you a password. OK, let's try that. If you include the word “abduce” in your subject line, my white-list system will not put it in the unknown-sender mailbox. You don't need to find a way to use it naturally; the system will just look for the string in the subject line. (And since you are wondering, no, it has no occult significance. I used a random number generator to select a random headword from a random page of the collegiate dictionary that came first to my hand, and abduce was the selected headword on the selected page.)

I take this opportunity to note that since my name and email address are publicly available, they are routinely forged by mailers of spam and viruses. I apologize if you receive virus-laden email purporting to be from me, but it almost certainly isn't really from me.


Some documents I make available on this web site are listed separately. (Links to my XSLT stylesheets for doing slides in TEI Lite are also there.)

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