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<p:poem xsi:schemaLocation=" tds.xsd">
<!--* A partially schema-valid example:
    * The title and author are in the wrong order, though each is
    * valid in itself.
    * The error message is:
    * "[Error] theduck.xml:10:11: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content
    * was found starting with element 'p:author'. One of
    * '{"":title}'
    * is expected.
<p:author>Ogden Nash</p:author>
<p:title>The duck</p:title>
<p:line>It is especially fond</p:line>
<p:line>Of a puddle or pond.</p:line>
<p:line>When it dines or sups</p:line>
<p:line>It bottoms-ups.</p:line>
<p:line>Behold the duck.</p:line>
<p:line>It does not cluck.</p:line>
<p:line>A cluck it lacks.</p:line>
<p:line>It quacks.</p:line>