Spam Karma 2, again

[2 January 2009]

As noted earlier, I hesitated to try to install Spam Karma 2 in the new location of this blog, since I wasn’t sure it would work with WordPress 2.6.5.

But after a couple of weeks with only Bad Behavior minding the fort, I became desperate. (BB does filter out a lot — my only problem was that almost everything it let through for me to moderate was in fact spam. I have better things to do than get ten or twenty messages in a day asking me to moderate comment spam.)

So I’ve installed Spam Karma 2 again, and so far it appears to work well with WordPress 2.6.5.

And my life is a bit quieter. (Actually, it would be quieter even without SK2, since the day with twenty comment spams appears to have been a fluke; SK2 hasn’t been catching twenty a day since its installation. But the next time the bots find me, SK2 will be in place.)