What’s a klog?

Why does the subtitle of this blog say “MSM’s klog” — don’t you mean “blog”?

Well, maybe.

But when I was thinking about this material, I thought of it mostly as a series of meditations on issues that arise in my work, with only the occasional piece unrelated to W3C or my working groups. So my own notes for Messages in a bottle call it a work log, or worklog, or (yes) klog.

Hence the term in the subtitle. If it comes to seem too precious or weird, I suppose I can always change it. (Cool URIs don’t change, it’s true, but maybe subtitles don’t have to be cool.)

4 thoughts on “What’s a klog?

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  2. Being (1) Danish speaking and (2) lucky to know you, Michael, I find that “klog” is an excellent choice. Happy New Year from Copenhagen!

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