Balisage: The markup conference 2009

[3 April 2009]

Three weeks to go until the 24 April deadline for papers for the 2009 edition of Balisage: The markup conference.

We want your paper. So give it to us, already!

This is a peer-reviewed conference that seeks to be of interest both to the theorist and to the practitioner of markup. That makes it a lot of fun (at least for people like me who are interested both in theory and in practice, and who like to see them informing each other). And the peer reviews are unusual (at least in my experience of conference paper submissions) in the detail and passion of their comments.

If you have markup-related work to report on, you will not get better feedback from any conference on the planet. (Disclaimer: I am one of the organizers, and have been known to have a small soft spot in my heart for this conference. But don’t take my word for it: ask anyone who has spoken at Balisage how the peer review and the questions at the conference compared with other conferences.)

Details of submission procedure, of course, in the call for participation.

I look forward to reading your papers.