Balisage offers hope for the deadline-challenged

In my never-ending quest to help those who, like myself, never get around to things until the deadline is breathing down their necks, I have until now avoided mentioning that Balisage, the conference on markup theory and practice, has issued a call for late-breaking news.

The deadline for late-breaking submissions is 13 June 2008. It is now officially breathing down your neck.

There, will that do the job?

The 13th of June is this Friday. Just enough time to write up that great piece of work you just did, but not long enough to make a huge big thing of it and get all worked up in knots.

Balisage is an annual conference on markup theory and practice, held in early August each year in Montréal. Well, I say annual, but strictly speaking this is Balisage’s first year. The organizers have in the past been involved in other conferences in Montreal in August (most recently Extreme Markup Languages), and we regard Balisage as the natural continuation. So if you have always wanted to go to the Extreme Markup Languages conference, and are disappointed to see no announcements this year for that conference, come to Balisage. I think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The full call for late-breaking news, and details of how to make a submission, are at