Looking for open source XML software?

[30 September 2009]

Last week I participated in the XML Summer School organized by Eleven Informatics at St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. I hope the participants enjoyed it as much as the speakers did. The weather certainly cooperated, order although it felt more autumnal than summery by the end of the week.

One of my responsibilities during the week was to give a survey of open-source software for XML applications; this turns out to be harder than it might look because there are so many, medicine with such varying degrees of polish, reliability, and completeness. There are several lists of XML software, and open-source software, and open-source XML software (general, or in some specific categories) on the Web, but many of them appear to not to have been maintained or updated in several years. (Honorable exceptions include the lists maintained by Ron Bourret on databases and XML, Lars Marius Garshol on XML tools and Topic-Map tools, and Tony Graham on XSLT testing tools.) So the lists I made, arbitrary and capricious though some aspects of them are, may be helpful.

Eventually I plan to turn the information gathered into a more convenient form, and set up some infrastructure to make it easier to maintain, but in the meantime the slides I prepared for the session may be helpful; they provide a coarsely categorized and tersely annotated list of some open-source XML software that readers of this klog may find interesting.

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